Bitminter shuts down mining 2020-07-01 and website 2021-06-01


These charts show our actual PPLNS rewards versus expected average rewards from making bitcoins. Shown are the 500 latest shifts, except the 10 very latest, which are not shown as they are still eligible for more rewards.

Two sources of (slight) errors for the expected rewards:

  • The expected rewards are based purely on minted coins, ignoring income from transaction fees.
  • If the difficulty changed during a shift, the difficulty at the end of the shift is used to calculate the expected rewards.

The first chart shows rewards per valid proof of work accepted by the server. The second chart shows the total payouts to all users added up over time. Both charts show actual rewards that were paid out and the expected average for comparison.

Actual rewards Expected average old ← Shifts → new Proof-of-Work reward Reward per PoW Difficulty Shift Proofs of Work Paid out so far Time → Cumulative earnings Pay per proof of work Cumulative payouts