Bitminter has shut down

Goodbye and thanks for having mined with us

All good things must come to an end

Bitminter was a Bitcoin mining pool. Roughly 1% of the bitcoins in circulation came from Bitminter. In the beginning mining was difficult. Bitminter wanted to give people an easier introduction to Bitcoin and mining. That mission has been fulfilled. Thank you to everyone who mined with us over the years. We hope you enjoyed it and that you are still part of the cryptocurrency community.

Best wishes for the future from

Final tally:


2021-07-02: Bitminter website was shut down

2021-06-01: Intended website shutdown date - shutdown postponed

2020-07-01: Mining operations halted

2020-06-01: Shutdown announced by direct email to users, Bitcointalk and social media - see Bitcointalk post

2020-05-11: Third Bitcoin halving, reducing block reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC

2019-09 to 2020-05: Bitminter hashpower dropped very low - attempts to bring in big miners were unsuccessful

2019-08-12: Last Bitcoin block (#589801) mined by Bitminter

2019-08-01: Bitminter reached 700 000 users

2017-07-03: Bitminter reached 500 000 users

2016-07-09: Second Bitcoin halving, reducing block reward from 25 to 12.5 BTC

2014-03-16: Bitminter reached 250 000 users

2014: Small ASIC miners that connect to a PC's USB-port could no longer compete with the big stand-alone ASIC miners. This made the Bitminter (PC) client software obsolete, but Bitminter went on as a mining pool.

2013-08-27: Bitminter reached 100 000 users

2013-05: Peak mining activity; approx. 10% of the world's Bitcoin hashpower was mining with Bitminter, sometimes producing up to 20% of the daily blocks and bitcoins

2013-01: The first ASIC mining machines began shipping to customers. During 2013 support for a few models was added to the Bitminter client software.

2012-11-28: First Bitcoin halving, reducing block reward from 50 to 25 BTC

2012-09-11: Bitminter reached 10 000 users

2012: During 2012 some FPGA mining machines were sold commercially. Support for a few models was added to the Bitminter client software.

2011-11-07: Bitminter began sending all mining income to address 19PkHafEN18mquJ9ChwZt5YEFoCdPP5vYB - 57 blocks were mined with individual addresses prior to this

2011-11-04: Merged mining of namecoin (NMC) started

2011-10-24: Bitminter reached 1000 users

2011-07-20: Bitminter reached 100 users

2011-07-03: First Bitcoin block (#134500) mined by Bitminter

2011-06-26: Bitminter launched; the user-friendly alternative with easy-to-use mining software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

2011-03: Development of the Bitminter software began. Mining was technically difficult in the early days. A text-based mining client had to be run from the command line. Most people didn't know what a command line was. The original idea for Bitminter was for an easy-to-use graphical mining client that anyone could use. This was for mining on graphics cards initially. As client development neared completion the project turned into a full mining pool instead of just the client.