Bitminter shuts down mining 2020-07-01 and website 2021-06-01

Free cash out

To cash out your BTC and/or NMC for free set your corresponding auto cash out to enabled and with threshold 0.1234. That's under "my account" -> "overview" in the website menu. Within 24 hours the coins will be sent. This is only possible if your balance is at least 0.00000547 which is the bitcoin "dust threshold".

Bitminter shutdown notice

The Bitminter mining pool will shut down mining activities on 2020-07-01. The website will stay up until 2021-06-01 so you can cash out any crypto currency on your account.

It is unfortunate to have to shut down after 9 years of mining. However, to keep going would not be fair to the few miners we have left in the pool. The efforts of miners who have tried to keep the pool going is greatly appreciated. But the pool has shrunk so much that we might never find another block. Attempts to bring big miners onboard did not work out.

A big thank you to everyone who mined with Bitminter over the years. This has been a grand adventure.

The original purpose of Bitminter was to make mining accessible to those who found other mining software difficult to operate. For many of our users mining in this pool was their first experience with bitcoin. I hope you enjoyed it and that you are still part of the bitcoin community.

Hopefully Bitminter was a useful service for you.

Best of luck for the future.